Why Industrial Dry Vapor Steam Cleaners are Best for Your Business

Using industrial dry vapor steam cleaners can prove to be beneficial for virtually any business in any industry located anywhere. These units are designed to combine effective cleaning, sanitation and cost saving measures.

Common applications for the industrial and commercial steam vapor cleaners include the food industry, engineering, and environmental aspects of business. They are often used in medical facilities, hospitals, laboratories, and factories. With temperatures nearing 200 degrees Fahrenheit, dry steam easily eats away at the adhesive bonds between grime and clean surfaces. This can be used to clean burner, stoves, vents, hoods, ceilings, and ovens as it will quickly and effortlessly dissolve grease. Another great use is to sanitize vats, food prep area and machinery, and conveyor belts. The vapor steam cleaner can even be used to clean and defrost refrigeration and freezer units without having to power them down.

Because quality industrial dry vapor cleaners typically produce steam that is 95% or great in vapor content, they are great to use in machining areas. They can be used to clean limit switches and sensors, controls, remove particles from press tools, and moving parts. There are always those areas that are hard for people to reach with rags and other cleaning tools. The oil groves, plate tables, and even assemblies can be cleaned without having to tear down parts are worry about rust. Mechanics have even gotten into use dry steam vapor cleaners as they can be used to quickly clean the undercarriage or engine of a vehicle before working on them. Industrial dry steam cleaners have also been shown to reduce worry as they can be used to clean around electrical systems without worrying about the hazards f liquid cleaning chemicals that are traditionally used.

The industrial vapor steam cleaners can also be used in bathrooms. The steam helps to sanitize and deodorize toilets and urinals. It can also scour grout much easier and faster than other cleaning methods. Steam can be used to remove stubborn stains from floors, carpets and tiles. It can also be used to sanitize and deodorize upholstery and beds. In fact, this is one of the few methods known to kill bed bugs, because of the excessive heat.

But, what do industrial steam vapor cleaners mean for you, the business owner?

For one, you are presenting a safe and clean environment. Being able to clean areas better and more efficiently than ever before, your storefront, office, factory, or other place of business will prevent better health amongst staff, vendors, and customers. Most germs are killed before reaching 180 degrees Fahrenheit, so this means that using a dry vapor steam cleaner for business, where people are likely to pick up colds, flus, and other illnesses is going to be less likely. At the same time, the business no longer needs to rely on costly cleaning detergents or enzymes to effectively sanitize virtually all surfaces. Those chemicals may or may not be effective and cleaning the germs, but buying them over the years can really add up. While looking at the cleaning chemicals used in many businesses, there is often an odor associated with it that people may be sensitive to. In some cases, the chemicals used for cleaning can also cause allergic reactions. Some recommend not being used in enclosed areas or around people. Often they recommend an airing and drying time before using the room where the chemicals were applied. Investing in an industrial dry vapor steam cleaner for your business can avoid this worry.

So, it cleans better and ends up saving money by not using chemicals, but why else would you want to use a commercial or industrial steam vapor cleaner for your business? Well, imagine having a healthier environment for your employees. Attendance issues can be improved upon, because people simply are not getting sick as often. At the same time, with the proper attachments for the vapor steam cleaner, you are also providing ways for staff to clean areas faster. Areas that may have been hard to reach before can be easily gotten to with the jet of steam. Plus, there are a variety of attachments for scrubbing and agitation. So, you are reaching more areas and making it easier for your people to clean things. This means your cleaning team can work more efficiently and that means that you can save money that way as well.

Which is the best industrial dry vapor steam cleaner for me?

One of the biggest things to remember, however, is if you look at the cost saving potential of an industrial dry vapor steam cleaner, you need to be sure you are buying the right model. For one, make sure it is a quality dry vapor steam cleaner built for businesses. This is not something you can run down to the corner home goods store and pick up. Typically, you are going to need to order it and often you can do this directly from the manufacturer. The cheap consumer models have several components made of plastic which will break down and wear over time. The industrial and commercial steam cleaners have mostly metal components which are made to stand up to more regular and heavy use and last for many years down the road. They also reach higher temperatures, so the sanitation is complete. The consumer models offer little steam in most cases and produce more water. This is simply just not as effective or efficient. It is not as clean and all that excess water can be problematic, encouraging rust.

So, once you realize you will be selecting a quality industrial dry vapor steam cleaner, there are still a number of items you need to look at. How many and what kind of attachments are available for the unit? Does it come with any attachments? What is the warranty like? If the unit needs serviced, how does the repair work for the unit get handled? You want to look at all the options and features of the unit. Does it have a water tank or is it a continuous flow industrial steam cleaner? Does the unit you want have the option for a detergent tank for those really big and stubborn jobs? Speak with your industrial dry vapor steam cleaner’s supplier about these sorts of things before making any final decision.