The Differences Between a Hard Floor Steam Cleaner and an Industrial Dry Vapor Steam Cleaner

Many businesses are taking the steps toward improving their overall efficiency while also looking to cut costs. Industrial dry vapor steam cleaners can help them do this. Although steam cleaners have been around for commercial business use for years, the consumer market being flooded with residential steam cleaners has led to some confusion amongst business owners and managers. The price points on industrial steam cleaners and residential steam cleaners are quite distant from one another, but why? After all, is not one steam cleaner the same as any other? Nothing could be further from the truth.

The residential home goods market has two types of steam cleaners. One is essentially a rug shampooer. It injects water, sometimes warmed, along with a cleaning solution into carpets and then agitates with a brush or series of brushes like a vacuum. Then, also like a vacuum, the residential steam cleaner extracts or sucks the water, cleaning solution, dirt and debris into a tank. The residential hard floor steam cleaners have only recently come on the market in the U.S. These typically do not have brushes, but heat water to the point of creating steam, and then have a squeeze like device to pull water back into the tank—some do not even have tanks, because they produce hot enough steam and less water or users are expected to dry up the water and remove remaining debris through other methods.

There are a variety of issues with residential steam cleaners. For one, they rarely actually use steam. They may warm the water, but this does little. To actually be able to sanitize an area and kill germs and bacteria, you need something that will create true steam. Dry vapor steam should reach temperatures at the active end of more than 160 degrees. Better quality dry vapor steam cleaners, such as industrial steam cleaners, will produce active temperatures around 200 degrees Fahrenheit. This is hot enough to kill most germs and bacteria that cause cols, flus, and other illnesses to spread. The higher temperature also works to break the molecular bond between surfaces and dirt, grime, and debris that clings to them. This also means that very little water is left behind, because the steam heater closer to the 200 degree mark is usually 95% or great steam. That small amount of water is considered and has been proven to be safe to use around machinery, electronics, and more. It does not lead to corrosion or mold being built up from water that is left behind. This then can be used ina wide variety of areas without having the same drawback as residential steam cleaners.

Another benefit to the industrial dry vapor steam cleaner is that you do not need to rely on expensive cleaning chemicals, detergents and enzymes to get an area clean and sanitized. Some models of industrial steam cleaners have an option for a cleaning solution reservoir, but it is not necessary. This can save you a lot of money of the year just by not needing to rely on those cleaners that will leave a residue on your floors, upholstery, and other areas. Plus, if you rely just on the power of the steam to clean and disinfect you do not need to worry about people having a negative or allergic reaction to those cleaners. As we see cases of exasperated asthma and other condition worsened by the introduction of foreign chemicals and odors, this can be avoided. That means that it is possible to clean around people and clean while the offices are still open as long as some basic safety guidelines are followed.

The industrial dry vapor steam cleaner has been around for years, but many have still never tried one. The initial cost used to be prohibitive, although those costs have gone down greatly now. Also, consider the money being saved by not having to buy the expensive cleaning chemicals, not having to close your business or parts of your business while cleaning is going on, so you can work during normal business hours, and using less than a gallon of water per hour. Those residential and hard floor steam cleaners often use several gallons of water per hour. Meanwhile, the industrial steam vapor cleaner can use less than one and get things cleaner. Any which way you look at it, you end up saving money with the wise decision to invest in a dry vapor steam cleaner for business.

Sanitization is an important fact that many businesses overlook. For years, hospitals, laboratories, military installations, government facilities, and hotels have harnessed the power of steam to clean their work areas. The reason for this is multifold. First, it is an environmentally friendly solution. You are not injecting harmful chemicals into the water supply or around your employees, vendors, or customers. Next, you have the benefit of using something—steam—that actually kills germs and bacteria and does so better than other cleaning solutions on the market. The low cost to run the dry vapor steam cleaner compared to the residential steam cleaners is undeniable and the factors supporting its effectiveness are no doubt superior.

So, why do people still spend thousands of dollars a year on cleaning supplies, paper towels, and poorly made residential steam cleaners? They most likely simply do not know any better. People have a tendency to stick with what they know. They use the same things their predecessors used. It was good enough for the, why make a change? Because the world is changing. People never used to think of what it meant to pour those cleaning chemicals down the drain. People did not worry about how much water they were using every hour. People simply lived differently back then than we do now. We have to think smarter to accomplish more. We have to be able to cut costs while maximizing efficiency. You want your employees spending all that time scrubbing away at stubborn spots on the wall or floor or the grime built up on grills? Why would not you want to enhance their efficiency and therefore productivity by letting something as simple as steam do the hard work. If you are a decision maker in your business and you have not yet looked into the power of industrial dry vapor steam cleaners, you owe to yourself and your business to do so now.