Steam Cleaners

There seems to be a lot of confusion out there today when it comes to steam cleaners. Most people are familiar with the steam cleaners that they can pick up from their local home goods store like Wal-Mart or Kmart. The brand names are the typical Hoover, Eureka, etc. While these are called steam cleaners, they are carpet cleaners. Many don’t even heat the water before mixing it with the cleaning solutions and then spraying it into your carpeting. There are numerous problems with these household carpet cleaners.

A quick glance at just about any review website will talk about the cleaning soaps leaving residue in the carpet or within the machine itself and clogging up vital components. Many talk about the units lasting less than a year or three at most. They also put a large amount of water into the carpet yet only vacuum up a small portion of that same water.

This causes the pads underneath the carpet to absorb that water, which leads to them breaking down and without proper care can also lead to mold or rot below the carpet. It is also believed that continued use of chemical cleaning solutions around the home and workplace is responsible for a variety of common chronic illnesses.

Commercial steam cleaners, on the other hand, are a very different breed of steam cleaner than most of us are used to. In fact, they are sometimes referred to as vapor cleaners, vapor steam cleaners, or steam vapor cleaners. The big difference between the two is that the steam cleaners most of us know about put a bunch of water on the ground. Meanwhile, the commercial steam clean heats water until it boils, using the heat of steam to effective clean and sterilize a variety of surfaces. Where you use a residential steam cleaner as a carpet cleaner; the industrial steam cleaner is used on linoleum, hardwood, tile, concrete, and other types of floors.

The commercial vapor cleaner can also be used on brick, painted walls, to remove wallpaper, outdoors, appliances, bathrooms, sinks, inside machines and more. This is all because while the basis of commercial steam vapor cleaner’s cleaning power comes from  water, it ejects about 96% dry steam. This means the unit also uses less than a gallon of water per an hour, which makes it more environmentally friendly than traditional carpet steam cleaners.

steam cleanersLearning About Commercial Steam Cleaners

As previously mentioned, the commercial steam cleaner is known to use much less water than the traditional residential steam cleaner. This heated steam works to melt and break up grease, oil, and other forms of dirt and grime. The industrial steam vapor cleaner should also come with a variety of fittings including a mop or brush head, which allows agitation as the steam is pouring forth that leads to some pretty amazing results.

Better yet, all of this is typically accomplished without the use of those cleaning chemicals we know can cause issues. Plus, have you seen the cost of some of those chemicals? I had a friend working on his living room with one of the steam carpet cleaners. It cost over $60 just in cleaning solution. There’s the water on top of that. And, even when he was done, no one could walk in the room for a few hours. This certainly doesn’t seem like an ideal situation to me.

Now, what about businesses who need to get things clean? How long do they have to close down an area waiting for it to be clean? Do they pay extra to have someone come in and do the cleaning at night? And then, do they have to pay for chemical cleaning supplies? I’ll bet it runs a lot more than my buddy’s living room.

Get rid of that additional cost and the inconvenience for your business by going with a commercial steam vapor cleaner. You’re not going to having people’s allergies react to chemicals that you aren’t using. You are going to be able to get rid of grease and oil as well as kill mold and dust mites. One single piece of equipment works just as about anywhere in any business. Car retailers use these to handle interior cleaning jobs including car upholstery and leather. Hotels, exterminators, and professional cleaning companies also use industrial steam vapor cleaners. The military and now even homeowners have turned toward commercial vapor steam cleaners as a way to be more efficient, save money, and keep things clean and sanitary.

commercial steam cleaningBenefits to Commercial Vapor Steam Cleaners

The commercial steam vapor cleaners available to you will have a variety of options. These help determine how well the clean and sanitize and how useful they are going to be for you. One of the options you will need to look at is the size of the boiler. The boiler should be larger, because a larger boiler is going to boil more water, create more bubbles, and thus more steam at a higher pressure.

From there, make sure you have a selection of quality attachments for your commercial vapor cleaner, as these are what will allow you to get the most from the cleaning unit. Lower quality steam cleaners are going to heat water to a lower temperature, especially poorly made plastic ones.

High quality commercial steam cleaners will heat the steam to more than 200 degree Fahrenheit at the operational end of the tool. Milk, juice and other pasteurized goods are heated at 150 degrees while bedbugs and dust mites die off around 140 degrees. Sterilization well beyond FDA standards kicks in around 212 degrees, so you’re much better off finding a steam cleaner that can produce and handle those sorts of temperatures.

This is the temperature you want at the nozzle end of your steam cleaning tools. Commercial steamers may be quoted as having much higher—in excess of 300 degrees—but, this is most likely the internal boiling temp rather than the end result, so pay careful attention to this when looking to buy a steam cleaner for business or home use.