Industrial Steam Vapor Cleaner Accessories

There are a variety of industrial steam vapor cleaner accessories available on the market today. Looking at that, it is important to understand that you only want to use accessories that are supplied or recommended by the manufacturer. Using accessories designed for different industrial steam vapor cleaners can void the warranty or—worse yet—pose danger to the safety of the operator or those nearby while the machine is in operation. The parts may look the same, but locking mechanisms may be different and measurements between brands or even between different models of the same brand can be even just slightly off, which means the seal could be inconsistent and cause steam to expel from unexpected areas. So, the bottom line here is: be sure to only use manufacturer approved accessories for a commercial steam vapor cleaner. That being said, what kinds of accessories are available out there for industrial and commercial dry steam vapor cleaners?

Industrial Steam Vapor Cleaner Detail Brushes

These are perhaps one of the most common types of industrial steam vapor cleaner accessories. They are designed to wear with use, and are thus common to replace and typically not covered by any sort of warranty. Of course, if they are defective out of the packaging, a quality manufacturer or supplier should readily take them back. Detail brushes typically come in three different types: stainless steel, brass, and nylon. The stainless steel detail brush is the one to choose for jobs that require an abrasive and durable brush. These are the more costly type of detail brush, but they tend to last longer and scour deeper. They are most commonly used for removing carbon build up in restaurant equipment and grills, cleaning grout, and ridding areas of grease. Brass detail brushes are less durable than the stainless steel detail brushes, but still great for abrasive jobs such as grout cleaning and scrubbing most materials off of just about any surface. Nylon detail brushes are for less abrasive jobs than brass or stainless steel detail brushes. These can be used on a wide variety of surfaces without the same chance of scratching the surface or taking off paint as the metal brushes might.

Industrial Steam Vapor Cleaner Hoses

Most industrial steam vapor cleaners are designed to be connected to a variety of hoses. The hoses will vary in length and their width is determined by the model of the steam vapor cleaner. Hoses will often include a handgrip with a trigger to activate the nozzle and control the flow of steam from the unit. Most often, these hoses are purchased to replace hoses that have been damaged over time and use or to offer a different reaching length than the hose that came with the commercial dry steam vapor cleaner.

Other Industrial Steam Vapor Cleaner Accessories

Extension tubes for steam vapor cleaners are plastic rods that can be attached to the industrial dry steam cleaner in order to lengthen the reach of the hose and attachments. The floor attachment for industrial steam vapor cleaners is used in conjunction with squeegee and floor insert accessories. Floor insert accessories are an attachment designed to latch onto carpet and inject the hot steam directly into and through the carpet. This works great in conjunction with a water extraction unit, helping to loosen the dirt and grime in carpet. The squeegee attachment is used to draw water and debris across a wet floor. This can also be used on smooth walls and windows. Some units may be bulky and operators will benefit from the use of an industrial steam vapor cleaner push cart. The steam lance is a narrow attachment designed to help reach areas that require a focused blast of steam—behind equipment, in corners, etc. The steam scraper is an attachment designed to scrape at smooth surfaces. It is designed to chip away at stubborn debris, which is loosened by the pressurized steam. There are other attachments for an industrial steam vapor cleaner such as the grout lance and grout adaptor, which makes targeting grout easier for the operator. If you have a combination commercial steam vapor cleaner and extraction unit, the list of accessories grows.

What Attachments and Accessories for an Industrial Steam Vapor Cleaner do I Need?

The specific attachments and accessories for an industrial steam vapor cleaner that you and your business will need depending on how you will end up using the unit. Speak with your sales rep, and they can help you make those decisions. One thing that is common after purchasing a steam vapor cleaner is that businesses will find new ways to use one after they have purchased it. This makes sense. It is part of an attempt to maximize the return on investment, which is absolutely acceptable. Be sure when you purchase a commercial steam vapor cleaner that you discuss the various attachments available for the model or models you are looking at. Not all accessories are available for all units. Discussions of the potential accessories can bring up ideas on how to maximize potential of the unit. Some are good for walls and windows while others are best for floors and still others are great for kitchen or lab equipment.

Understanding the proper use of your industrial steam vapor cleaner is of paramount importance. The same goes for using any attachments or accessories for your industrial steam vapor cleaner unit. These machines have been designed both for effectiveness and for safety. If the instructions for their use are not followed, however, they can cause harm. Therefore, be sure that anyone who operates the machines is familiar with their use and warnings. That goes for the main unit as well as any and all attachments and accessories. Also, be sure any accessories or attachments for industrial steam vapor cleaners you decide to purchase and use are approved by the manufacturer of the unit. By doing this, you are ensuring the safety of your team members, which is always a primary concern of business owners and managers.