Industrial Steam Cleaner

There are so many uses for an industrial steam cleaner that it has become a necessity for anyone that might own a business or for those that would like a deep down clean in their home. You can use an industrial steam cleaner for everything from detailing cars to restaurant cleanup.

These cleaning machines are able to get a deep down clean with a limited amount of work needed. For those out there that are professional cleaners you can just imagine the difference that an industrial steam cleaner can make for your business.

For those that want a quality deep down cleaning done in your home without harmful cleaners this would be something that you would want to look at to determine if it is something that you would be interested in it.

Commercial Steam Cleaner

There are a number of different things that might come to mind when you think of an industrial steam cleaner. There are three basic types of steam cleaners that you should be aware of to ensure that you are getting the one that you want. High Pressure or wet steam power washer is one type of steam cleaner that many of you might be familiar with.

When you use a high pressure steam cleaner you generally want to use it outside due to the fact that there is a lot of water that is used. You are basically looking at using so much pressure with water that it cleans items but many times it will leave a mess on the ground or in the area that you were cleaning. This type of steam cleaner is not ideal for extensive indoor cleaning or for areas that should not get wet. This type of steam cleaner should more accurately be called a pressure cleaner.

While there are some models that heat up the water but it generally will only reach 140 degrees. This is not enough to get more steam than water out of this type of high pressure water cleaning system.

Commercial Vapor Cleaner

The next type of industrial steam cleaner that many people think about when they hear the term steam cleaner is the carpet steam cleaner. This would be one of the devices that you would use when you are looking atsteam cleaning in the kitchen cleaning your carpet. While you do not actual use steam to clean the carpet for some reason people have decided to use the phrase steam cleaner for this device.

There are some models that will provide a heated water system but normally this requires a lot of water and should be known as wet steam cleaners or carpet cleaners. This does not mean that it is not able to do as it is advertised to do it just means that it should not be considered a steam cleaner and should not be mistaken for an industrial steam cleaner. These are great for small jobs but bigger jobs would require a little more effort.

Steam Cleaner

The last type of steam cleaner that is out there is sometimes referred to as a vapor steam cleaner. When you are looking at a vapor steam cleaner you will be looking at a steam cleaner that uses actual steam to do the cleaning for you. You will also notice that there are a range of tools that you are able to use with these types of steam cleaners and that there is not a lot of water left where you have cleaned. This means that you are able to clean more areas. This would be the type of steam cleaner that you would be able to use indoors as well as outdoors.

Generally speaking you should only expect to see about five percent of the water that you are actually using if that much the rest should be steam. This is why it is called a dry vapor steam cleaner. You will want to make sure that you are really looking at a vapor steam cleaner when you are trying to sanitize and clean without harmful chemicals.

Most industrial steam cleaners should be able to be used as a hard wood floor steam cleaner as well as a general steam cleaner for appliances, walls, and even vehicles. When you want a deep down clean that you would not be able to get normally you will want to look at the advantages that an industrial steam cleaner can give you.

Dry Vapor Steam Cleaner

There are a number of businesses that are able to benefit from an industrial steam cleaner. For example if you currently have a restaurant a dry vapor steam cleaner will be able to help you clean and sanitize your kitchen and dining areas with one tool. This would mean that you would be able to clean your walk-in as well as the bathrooms and know that everything is done right and you have managed a clean and sanitize each area. You will also be able to avoid chemicals that might over power the scent of your great food.

You can also use an industrial steam cleaner for cleaning sidewalks and the exterior of your business. This would mean that you were able to get the most cleaning value out of a dry vapor steam cleaner than you would out of any other cleaning device that you have. This would also mean that you will be able to save on a number of cleaning products that you would not need anymore. You will also want to check out the number of attachments that you are able to get with this type of steam cleaner that will make various cleaning projects even easier and will allow you to get a more detailed cleaning job done.

This would be a great cleaning tool for any type of business that would like to have a clean and sanitized this would include office buildings that might need phones and desks cleaned or a car cleaning service that would like to have great detailing services available.