Commercial Steam Cleaners for a Safer, Better, Less Expensive Cleaning Option

Many options exist for business trying to keep clean, sanitized environments, and chief among those are the commercial steam cleaners used by government installations, hotels, food preparation facilities, and more. Commercial steam cleaners are very different from the steam cleaners you can go and pick up at a home goods store such as Sears, Best Buy, or Wal-Mart. Commercial steam cleaners do not spray water out along the floor and then suck it up like a vacuum cleaner. Instead, they actually boil water and create a stream of pressurized steam that can be used to clean floors, walls, machines, counters, furniture, door handles, and just about anything you could imagine. The benefits of the commercial steam cleaner can sometimes be easily overlooked, but they certainly should not be dismissed.

First, it must be understand that the temperatures of the steam produced by an industrial steam cleaner can easily kill a large number of germs. Independent testing has shown that steam sanitization can kill greater than 98 percent of germs found throughout a business. This is more than many cleaning products on the market today. There are some great benefits to commercial steam vapor cleaners not having to use the cleaning chemicals that many other machines will. For one, there are several people who are allergic or otherwise sensitive to various cleaning detergents and enzymes. This has made it so that many cleaning tasks need to be done when the business is closed and there is minimal chance of reaction to the chemicals. In some cases, the portions of the office or building that have been cleaned need extra time to dry and air out to avoid reaction.

Furthermore, if the business can get those high levels of cleaning without having to purchase expensive cleaning chemicals. This means, while an industrial steam vapor cleaner may have a higher initial investment cost, the ongoing cost of ownership is lessened, because there is no need to constantly buy and replace various cleaning chemicals. That savings, over time, can be huge. You also are not dealing with people’s reactions to the cleaning solutions, so businesses do not have to work as hard scheduling cleaning around business hours of operation.

Multiple Uses of Commercial Steam Vapor Cleaners

With residential steam cleaners, users are quite limited in what can be cleaned. Typically, they can do carpets, rugs, and upholstery. With a stream of pressurized steam, a commercial steam cleaner can handle many more options. The commercial steam vapor cleaner can tackle doors and oor handles, counters, desks, work tables and benches, walls, machinery, rugs, mirrors, bathrooms, tiles, and more. The great thing about having a commercial steam cleaner is that the jet of steam is usually greater than 95% steam. This means there is limited clean up when completed, because there are no puddles of water. This means that areas that are hard to reach can be cleaned and sanitized with ease while at the same time, those that might be sensitive to water and more prone to oxidization will also be safe to work around with an industrial steam vapor cleaner.

Several industries have already found the benefits of using commercial steam cleaners. They save time, because you do not have people working with harsh chemicals and scrubbing walls and surfaces by hand. It is also highly effective in sanitizing various surfaces. These machines are regulalrly used by professional cleaning companies, in labs, medical facilities, warehouses and various plants, food preparation and restaurants, military facilities, government offices, office buildings, and more. There are numerous reasons for this. The cost savings in not having to buy chemicals, being able to schedule while businesses are still operation, reaching areas that other cleaning devices would have trouble with, the ease of use not requiring and in depth specialized training—these are a handful of the reasons.  Furthermore, being able to sanitize a wider variety of sources with one machine and one method rather than having different cleaners, machines, and techniques for each is another reason the commercial steam vapor cleaner has become more prevalent in businesses and organizations around the world.

Important Industrial Steam Vapor Cleaner Features

When investigating the various industrial and commercial steam vapor cleaners available, there are several things decision makers will want to keep an eye on. First, look at how the machine is made. Residential steam cleaners are primarily plastic. The plastic materials cannot handle the heat and pressure required for steam vapor cleaning. They can heat water and may produce small amounts of steam, but they do not produce the larger quantities needed for better sanitization and larger jobs. Also, look at the accessories that come with the commercial steam cleaner versus what accessories are available for purchase. Never use an attachment on an industrial steam cleaner that is not recommended by the manufacturer, as these may not work properly and can void the warranty. Furthermore, it is important to remember that you are working with pressurized steam. If a poor connection comes into the mix, it could lead to serious injury. Safety should always be the number one priority when working with such a device.

Consider the warranty. How long is the warranty good for and what does it cover? This is important, because you are working with an expensive unit and it should have longevity. Beyond that, are you going to use the unit for relative small jobs, spot cleaning, or cleaning small areas one at a time? Or, will you be looking at handling big jobs with the commercial steam vapor cleaner—perhaps entire rooms at a time? Most industrial steam vapor cleaners come with a reservoir that you fill up, heat the water and pressurize the steam from there. Other units have a continual fill option, which is great for bigger jobs, as you can hook it up to a water supply and have water constantly flowing into the system for heating and pressurization.

Overall, you should review the purchase of a commercial steam cleaner carefully, looking at all your options before settling on a final decision. Know what options are available to you and fully understand the benefits your business will have with the investment in a commercial steam cleaner before making a decision on which direction you want to go.