Business Benefits of Industrial Steam Cleaners

Have you ever used a steam cleaner before? How about an industrial steam cleaner? There’s a difference—a big one. Actually, there are several differences between consumer and industrial steam cleaners. First of all, when most people think of steam cleaners, they think of those units made for our carpets and rugs that we can pick up at Walmart or Best Buy. Those are rug cleaners. They work by injecting water and cleaning solution in the carpet, agitating the area, and then sucking the water back up. Some are certainly more effective than others. However, an industrial steam cleaner is often referred to as a dry vapor steam cleaner. The reason for this is that the industrial steam cleaner actually boils the water put into it to produce steam. Temperatures within the boiler often reach over 200 and even 300 degrees Fahrenheit.  At the nozzle tip, though, the temperature is usually right around 200 degrees Fahrenheit. This is an important distinction to keep in mind when you are comparing different models of commercial and industrial dry vapor steam cleaners. The different designs can drop the temperatures by different amounts, so be sure you find out what the temperature of the steam ejected from the nozzle is at. At 140 degrees, dust mites and bed bugs are killed off, so that is a good start right there.

The heat from the steam does more than just kill parasites and germs. This heat is also beneficial, because it breaks down adhesive bonds. This means that thinks like grease and oil can be more easily cleaned from a variety of surfaces. The industrial steam vapor cleaners have been used on walls, floors, concrete, grout, porcelain, tile, upholstery, even carpet and rugs. Not all of these units are carpet cleaners, however. You would need a water extraction unit to be able to draw water back up from carpet, which is a good consideration, if you have a lot of carpet in your business. The industrial steam vapor cleaner could breakdown and remove the stain, and then the water extraction unit could bring it all up and keep it out of the carpet.

Industrial steam cleaners are also known for being green or environmentally friendly. The reason for this is that they use only about a gallon of water every hour of use. This is true whether you have purchased a standard, tank fed industrial steam cleaner or you are looking at a continuous feed water supply. The continuous feed water supply is nice, especially if you plan on doing large projects all at once. For most jobs, however, the water tank option industrial steam cleaner works just fine.

Speaking of options, there are a lot of accessories you should consider for the dry steam industrial cleaner. These units have a nozzle that can attach direct surfaces and crevices and grout very well. For that extra touch, however, the brushes for the nozzle can be very helpful. They can scour grout and scrub away at stubborn stains. They are made of different types of metal so that they last longer and can withstand the continuous heat of the vapor steam.

Another reason more businesses are looking into buying industrial steam cleaners today is because these units can clean and sanitize without the additional burden of expensive cleaning chemicals. The chemicals used for cleaning do cost money and they add up over time. They are also reliant on people scrubbing and cleaning up the mess left behind. Few are good for the environment, so keeping the chemicals away from drains, ditches, and garbage is good as well. On the same subject, however, cleaning chemicals can have adverse effects. They can stain or remove the color from upholstery or carpet. They can also disturb people with their odors. Some people can even have allergic reactions to certain cleaning chemicals which is another big issue. So, whole an industrial steam cleaner does not need to use chemicals it works out well for the business, because there are no negative side effects for employees, vendors, or customers. It is also less expensive and a show corporate environmental responsibility.

Companies have a lot of options out there and they need to weigh those options properly before making decisions. Is an industrial steam vapor cleaner right for your business? It would seem that it is. There have been no reported drawbacks to the models and these are used in a wide variety of industries as it is. The military, labs, and hospitals use industrial steam cleaners. Hotels use the units as do professional cleaning companies. The maintenance on them is minimal and you can probably clear enough space in the utility closet for one just by getting rid of the cleaning chemicals you are not going to need anymore.

Now, granted. There are sometimes those extra heavy duty jobs where cleaning chemicals can help. Some industrial steam cleaners have a detergent tank. These units are designed specifically to use both options, but still end up using less cleaning detergent than other cleaning methods and machines. Because of the steam being 95% or better in high quality industrial steam cleaners, which means there is also less clean up when the job is done. You don’t have to worry about water getting into places and causing mold or mildew. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars a year just in towels, mop heads or paper towels to clean up the mess left behind. The initial investment quickly pays for itself when you consider how much you are saving when buying an industrial dry steam vapor cleaner. These units use less water and make it easier for people to clean virtually everything in your office. If you were to couple this item with the increased health of those who are in your office, factory, or other business, and you have even greater efficiency. This means added productivity which is going to increase the effectiveness, profits, and potential success for your company.  The industrial vapor steam cleaner is not a miracle cure for business, but it effects a number of different items that, when investigated and monitored closely will show definitive improvement overall.