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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
14 Day Return Policy


Vapor Rino's are expensive industrial grade units intended for experienced users. No Returns.

  When you call us every effort is made to match the right dry vapor steam cleaner to the customers needs. All dry vapor steam cleaner systems are fully covered under their respective manufacturers warranty. If you receive a dry vapor steam cleaner that is damaged, defective or even crushed in delivery you're in good hands! Call us right away and we will be more then happy to immediately have the defective vapor steam cleaner picked up and replaced. The manufacture even pays to have the defective unit picked up and sends the replacement dry vapor steam cleaner out with no charge to you. It is important that you try your new steamer right away when you get it. After the first 14 Days the only remedy is repair or replacement of the unit at the manufactures warranty holders choice, not ours, so open your steamer box and fire it up when you get it.

This policy is for our our home, commercial and industrial Vapor Steam Cleaners only. Please call us and let us help you with your selection. We want to help you make the right choice for your needs. Good Communications can help avoid a return. Lets face it, all you really want is the right product for your application. let us help. In the event you end up wanting to return your vapor steam cleaner we offer a powerful 14 Day Money Back, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! If you are not satisfied with your new vapor steam cleaner you can return it for up to 14 days after purchase for a refund! You simply ship it back to us in original condition and we will give you a refund minus a 15% restocking fee and our original outgoing shipping fee. Our outgoing shipping cost is usually around $35 dollars. This will allow us to repackage the unit and resell it as used for a discount. If you ordered express shipping that cost is not refundable. Damage to the unit or worn parts may cause further charges. Though this is very rare, please take care to package any return with care. Note: There are NO returns on the industrial class Vapor Rino's. They are not try before you buy units.

Example Return: Lets say you purchase a unit for $495 and decide you are not satisfied and want to return it. Simply contact us first for return authorization and we will tell you where to send the unit. PLEASE DO NOT SEND THE UNIT BACK TO THE ADDRESS ON THE LABEL UNLESS ADVISED TO BY OUR STAFF. After authorization you simply ship it back to us. When we get it we inspect the unit and if everything is okay we simply refund your purchase price minus a 15% restocking fee (in the $495 example the 15% would equal $74.25) and minus the original outgoing shipping fee, in this example we will say our shipping cost was $20. Your total refund would be $400.75. This allows you to order a home or commercial steam cleaner with very low risk. We want you to be comfortable with your purchase. Feel free to call us or chat with us live if you have any questions.

Authorization Required Authorization is very important. This does two things. One, it helps us mark in our system the day you called to issue a return authorization for your steam cleaner. This way, if the unit arrives a few days over the 14 day mark, you are safe. It also allows our receiving department to accept the steamer. Shipments without authorization may be returned to sender so get authorization first. The 14 Day guarantee starts from the day of purchase. Typical ground shipping inside the USA is a maximum of 5 to 7 business days. More often then not you will get your steamer sooner. Once you get it, you have about a week to make sure everything is in working order and satisfactory to your needs.  If you call us beyond the 14 day mark, there are absolutely no returns beyond that point. So be sure to call for your return authorization as soon as you detect any problem. Don't worry, if you do have a mechanical problem down the line you are fully covered by the warranty! You can read the details of our world class limited lifetime warranty here.

Why do we charge you a restocking fee? We do this to discourage the 'try before you buy" customer or the impulse buyers that figure it might be fun to use it for awhile, try it out, clean their home for free and just send it back. Yes this happens!  We also do this to encourage our customers to take a little time to read about or call us about our products before they buy. We simply want to make sure you get the right machine for the right job. We go out of our way to provide the necessary information via text, pictures and videos to help you make a confident informed decision. Recently, we had a customer return a 4000-C Vapor Steam Cleaner. Reason? He ordered it thinking it was a carpet shampooer! This shows this customer did not read the product description and ordered it based on assumptions. Third and very importantly, we have to sell any returned units as used for a discount because we only sell truly new steamers as new. Most companies simply repackage used and sell as new. Our policy is once used by a customer even if just for a couple of days we consider it used. The restocking fee covers part of the cost of selling a used unit to another user at a discount. This policy is enforced to keep the quality high and our prices low. If you shop around you will find we offer some of the highest quality dry vapor steam cleaner machines for the best prices anywhere. There are many companies selling similarly powered steamers for twice what we charge. Others are selling cheap plastic units and marketing them as "Commercial" units. Always remember, you are fully covered by the manufactures warranty and if you receive a damaged or defective unit we have you covered! If you are not sure the item in question is for you we encourage you call us or shop around and compare quality and prices. We guarantee the BEST PRICE (more here) or we refund the difference.

If you are unsure about your purchase feel free to give us a call. We will be happy to share our experience with you and will always strive to match you with the right product or dry vapor steam cleaner for your needs. Remember, there is no rush and no pressure. The internet provides you with the means to research as much as you like so you can make an informed decision about your dry vapor steam cleaner purchase. As with most of our customers, if you look around you will most likely be back! Just don't forget to bookmark our site. 

If for some unforeseeable reason you do want to return your dry vapor steam cleaner or other item the buyer is responsible for the restocking fee plus any original outgoing shipping fees we paid to get it to you. The returned item must be in new and original condition. If the steam cleaner is damaged or the parts worn there maybe additional charges to repair or replace parts. The customer is responsible for packing the unit with EXTRA CARE and getting it back to us clean, well packed and in new condition. Any damage to the dry vapor steam cleaner or other product, or worn parts will incur further charges.  The buyer is also responsible for return shipping costs. No returns will be accepted without Authorization. You must contact us first. The restocking fee is so that we can repackage and sell the steam cleaner as used at a discount to another costumer. As always, we only sell new steamers as new. This policy insures that when you buy you will always know they are getting factory fresh new units. We offer the highest quality at the lowest prices. To see if anything is available on our specials page click here.

30 DAY BEST PRICE GUARANTEED:  Buy now, Save Later! We Have You Covered!
Also remember, you can buy now and shop around later. We offer our best price guarantee! Read more here. We are proud to offer a large selection of demo videos on many of the products we sell. These videos empower you by helping you making an informed decision. We also try to go out of our way to provide you with as much information on the dry vapor steam cleaner systems and their potential uses as possible. Most web sites only give you a small snippet of information. Just Renew It Industrial Supply strives to give you more! It is important to keep in mind that every cleaning situation is different. What may work great for 95% of users may not work in your situation. As with any product results may vary. Our units are successfully used every day buy hundreds of industry giants like Dairy Queen, Marriott Hotels, Boing Air, the US Military and thousands of small businesses and home owners alike. Check out our Resume here. For more information on our great steamers and to see who is using them visit our
Questions & Answers page here or watch our easy play Demo Dry Vapor Steam Cleaner Videos. See a complete listing of all of our products here.

Free Shipping
Typically UPS Ground shipping of a dry vapor steam cleaner is between 5 to 7 days from the time your commercial steam cleaner leaves the warehouse. Shipping time may vary slightly but often times, our products arrive ahead of schedule. We offer
FREE GROUND SHIPPING on the following items only within the lower 48 US Continuous States.
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Thank you for shopping with us! We think you will find that working with Just Renew-It at either RefreshYourHome.com or Just Renew-it. com will be a refreshing experience. Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and ready to help. If you have any questions about a product or dry vapor steam cleaner feel free to give us a call. Thank you and we look forward to serving you.


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145 PSI - Commercial Vapor Steam Cleaner

Dry Car Wash Steam Cleaner

Leather Seat Cleaning Steam Cleaner

Auto Detail Upholstery Extractor

Clean Tile & Grout Steam Cleaners

Bed Bug Killing Steam Cleaner

Commercial Carpet Extractors Rug Cleaner

AC Coil Cleaning with a Steam Cleaner

Wet Steam Power Washers

Commercial Vapor
Steam Cleaners

Steam Testimonial:
I love my steamer! I use it EVERY DAY! I have told all of my friends about it and convinced 4 to order it. They also love it. All I had to do was show them mine working and they were sold.

VIEW OUR RESUME & Who's Using Commercial Steam Cleaners?
Boing Air, contractors, restaurants, Major Hotels, Auto Detail Shops & many more!
OUR RESUME: See a list of companies using our commercial steam cleaners here.

Steam Testimonial:
Thank you for the steam cleaner. It works great. I use it everywhere in my home and I have showed all of my friends. I have convinced several to buy their own. Its amazing.  Maylon

JRI NOTE: This customer is responsible for over 30 steam cleaner sales in 18 months all in Peoria, AZ. This woman does not get paid for this! All this by word of mouth. Wow! Thank you Maylon! Our vapor steam cleaners are truly fantastic machines. Our Commercial Steam Cleaners are even better!

Steam Testimonial:
I got your VC4000 commercial steam cleaner about two months ago and I just wanted to touch base with you. I'm really excited! I just did my numbers for last month and from the steam cleaning alone I made just under $5,000! I need to order more brushes right away...
(Phone Message)

Steam Testimonial:
We are a reglazing company looking to expand. We got the steamer with many doubts but I have to tell you, These commercial steam cleaners really work! We booked our first job one week after getting the unit. We made $1,300 dollars  cleaning 5 rooms. We probably over charged but it did take one full work day.  Thanks for everything. Joe, NJ

Steam Testimonial:
HI, I tried a Commercial Steam Cleaner way back in probably the 1990's. We used one on the job to clean a bathroom in NYC. It worked real well. Later, I purchased the VC 4000-S commercial steam cleaner . I LOVED IT! I had it for years and used it as part of our tile and grout cleaning business. We specifically cleaned kitchen and bathroom floor grout with it. We only used it every so often, but it did an amazing job and lasted for years. I sold it still working and now have a 4000-C. Still loving it! Both units work just as good. Anyway, great product. Jim, NY

Steam Cleaner Hard Hat
Our Commercial Steam Cleaners, More Information Here...



Dry Car Wash Steam Cleaner
 NEW: Dry Car Wash Section
Mobile Auto Detailer Car Wash Systems!
Clean Tile & Grout Steam Cleaners
Tile &
Grout Cleaning & How To

Leather Seat Cleaning Steam Cleaner
Clean Leather Seats Auto Detail
Bed Bug Killing Steam Cleaner
Bed Bug Control & Extermination
AC Coil Cleaning with a Steam Cleaner
Steam Clean AC Coils Fast
Auto Detail Upholstery Extractor
Auto Detail Upholstery Extractors
Commercial Carpet Extractors Rug Cleaner
Mobile Steam Carpet Extractors
Wet Steam Power Washers
3 Way Steam Pressure Washers.

Steam Mopping Hardwood Floors & More

True Industrial & Commercial Steam Cleaners


4000-S Commercial Steam Cleaner Link

Single Tank
Commercial Steam Cleaner
4000-S Commercial Steam Cleaner

Free Offer Inside!

Now Only: $995
Dependable Commercial Steam Cleaner Technology!
1600 Watts - 65 PSI - Steam & Hot Water
 30 Day Guaranteed Lowest Price!
or we refund the difference. Details here...

4000-C Commercial Steam Cleaners Link

Dual Tank Continuous Flow
Commercial Steam Cleaner
4000-C Commercial Steam Cleaner

Free Offer Inside!

Now Only: $1,295
Powerful Commercial Steam Cleaner Technology!
1800 Watts - 72.5 PSI - Steam & Hot Water
 30 Day Guaranteed Lowest Price!
or we refund the difference. Details here...

5000 C Industrial Steam Cleaner Link

Triple Tank Chemical Injection
Continuous Flow Industrial Steam Cleaner
5000-Ci Commercial Steam Cleaners

Free Offer Inside!

Now Only: $1,695
Powerful Innovative Industrial Steam Cleaner Technology!
1800 Watts - 72.5 PSI - Steam & Chem Injection
 30 Day Guaranteed Lowest Price!
or we refund the difference. Details here...

  3000-X Light Commercial 4000-S Full Commercial 4000-C Heavy Commercial 5000-Ci Industrial + Chem Vapor-6 Industrial + Chem
Lite Commercial Steam Cleaner
Reduced! NOW ONLY:

Full Commercial Steam Cleaner
Reduced! NOW ONLY:

Heavy Commercial Steam Cleaner
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Industrial Vapor Steam Cleaner
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Industrial Vapor Steam Cleaner
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